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Workshop July 2023

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Date.  21st to 23rd of July 2023 

City. Paris - Details Coming Soon -

Theme. The Body as a creative instrument.

This is a two-day workshop where we will be exploring different approaches to viewing our bodies as instruments for creation. We will introduce practices that gradually allow us to temporarily set aside our sense of self, enabling something else to guide the movements of our bodies within the realm of imagination.

We'll be exploring exercises like the golden hoop, the bits exercise, the imaginary senses and the ball exercise.

On Friday evening before the workshop, a meetup will be organized to provide an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves and have an initial insight into the approach through conversations. This will allow us to establish a shared vision of what we hope to achieve during this workshop.


This first day will be focused around the different exercises, how to practice them and find the use to them in your personal work 

The second day will be dedicated to actively applying these exercises as tools in the specific work you wish to explore. It could be a simple monologue, an extended speech, poetry, or lines that align with your current focus. We encourage you to choose material that resonates with your artistic journey and where you currently stand in your work.


This workshop is open to both professional actors and aspiring actors, regardless of their background or level of experience. We also extend a warm welcome to artists from other disciplines who creatively utilize their bodies in their artistic practice.

This workshop will be led by  Eliot Vincent .

Friday evening - Introduction meet up

Day 1 - 7h from 9am till 5pm - (1h for lunch)

Day 2 - 7h from 9am till 5pm - (1h for lunch)

Cost  - 270€ - 

Please feel free to contact us at or by phone +33661644559 

   © 2023 The Actor's Ark   

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