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Who are we ? 


 Eliot Vincent 

Founder, director and teacher

In 2014, Eliot embarked on a two-year study at the Acting Studio in France under the esteemed guidance of Joëlle Sevilla. Subsequently, he ventured to London where he briefly attended the Central School of Speech Drama, honing his skills under notable instructors such as Susan Tordoff. Continuing his artistic journey, he immersed himself in a comprehensive four-year study at the Michael Chekhov Studio London, mentored by Graham Dixon.

Presently, he seamlessly navigates between England and France, working as a professional actor in both English and French. Furthermore, since 2019, he has conducted acting workshops and classes in both countries, drawing inspiration from the Michael Chekhov approach.

He currently assumes the role of director and teacher at The Actor's Ark.


 Graham Dixon 


With almost five decades of experience, Graham has dedicated himself to the realm of Michael Chekhov's work as a seasoned professional in the capacities of an actor, director, and teacher. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has had the privilege of studying alongside and engaging with Chekhov's original students, solidifying his international recognition as one of the foremost authorities in this unique approach to acting.

His initial foray into the world of performance and training commenced in Sydney, Australia, where he undertook rigorous training and embarked on a successful professional acting career. During this time, he had the opportunity to refine his vocal and speech abilities under the tutelage of Alice Crowther, who had herself been a speech and eurythmy teacher to Chekhov in both England and the USA. Through his interactions with Alice and subsequent immersion in Chekhov's acting method, Graham's artistic sensibilities were awakened to the profound inner essence of the actor's craft. This fascination has remained the guiding principle throughout his accomplished professional journey.

He is the director of the Micheal Chekhov Studio London and Patron at The Actor's Ark.

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