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The Approach
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Michael Chekhov is one of the great leaders of the 20th century in the field of acting methods. What truly sets him apart is his humble perspective on the relationship between talent and training. As an extraordinarily gifted actor, he firmly believed that acting is a skill that can be learned, and that talent plays a minimal role in the creative process. One can train oneself to become a great actor.

The individuals we consider talented with not much work may have simply honed those skills unconsciously through their life experiences.

There is truth in the common phrase: "We are all actors."

We have been portraying ourselves for so long and so convincingly that we have forgotten it is a role. 

"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts..."

William Shakespeare's play "As You Like It," Act II, Scene VII. 

Michael Chekhov was one of those actors we often label as "talented," yet he rejected such a title. On the contrary, he made every effort to demonstrate the opposite. He meticulously analyzed his own creative process, deconstructed it, and generously shared his insights, enabling anyone with even a spark of interest in acting to become as "talented" as he was.

We acknowledge that Chekhov's approach may not resonate with everyone.

He unlocked a door—the creative process—that leads to a realm where one can embody the essence of a "talented" actor. Your door may bear resemblances to Chekhov's, but it can also be vastly different. Each actor has their own unique door, or perhaps even multiple doors. The task at hand is to craft a door that is tailored to your individual needs and methods. As artists, we are constantly evolving, which is why we must continuously refine our doors.

Our role at The Actor's Ark is to assist you in creating your door—a door that may bear resemblances to Chekhov's approach.

That's what our door

is made of: ​

Movement with a capital M lies at the heart of everything we do at The Actor's Ark. It encompasses both the internal and external realms. Movement enables the imagination to manifest itself through the physical world, serving as the bridge between your imaginative power as a creator and the audience's imagination.

pasted image 0_edited.jpg

We gradually guide the conscious self to perceive the body as an instrument that can be skillfully played. This instrument possesses the ability to move imaginatively within a realm of make-believe. While we often view the imagination as the realm of mental images that we create within our minds, it extends far beyond that. The imagination exists both within and outside of oneself, and at times, it is even closer to reality than we might initially perceive. It originates from within and expands outward. Gradually, we come to embrace the notion that the body has the capacity to move in space as something distinct from the self. It begins as a creation within the inner realm of imagination and subsequently finds expression in the physical realm through the body.

Obviously, there is a purpose behind this: to take the audience along with you into an imaginary world, following an imaginary story with some imaginary characters. There is always someone or something (a camera) present to observe your performance.

It brings us back to Movement with a capital M. There is an ongoing relationship between the performer and the audience. When one gives, the other receives, and vice versa. This exchange is continuous and uninterrupted throughout the entire duration of a show. This movement of receiving and giving lies at the core of all acting. It forms the foundation as we begin to construct our creative process, drawing inspiration from Chekhov's work.


It is actually at the core of the human experience. We receive the world as it is and give ourselves to the world. This exchange is continuous and uninterrupted throughout our entire lives, similar to a never-ending show. Cultivating awareness of this Giving-Receiving movement is the initial step of our approach, and perhaps the only step, as every subsequent step is built upon it.

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