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Unleash your creativity with
The Actor's Ark,
an organization dedicated to
actors for
exploring their creative process.


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The Actor's Ark ?

We are here to ensure that all actors, present or aspiring, can cultivate an adaptable mindset in approaching

the art of acting, enabling them to create their distinct creative process to tell the stories they want, in the way they want.

The Actor's Ark is an organisation dedicated to providing

acting workshops and coaching services

(audition, role preparation, ensemble..etc) for Individual or groups.

What do we propose ?

What is our vision on the the art of acting ?


We believe that there are as many approaches to the art of acting as there is actors. The creative process is unique to each individual who seek creation. Certain aspects of this process are universal, such as imagination. As an actor, it is your responsibility to discover and structure a method, technique, or approach that inspires you and allows you to create without limits. You can draw from those that come from the past, passed down by actors or teachers through books. But you can also create something new based on your own experiences.

Sometimes, a mixture of multiple approaches is what you need. Sometimes, a singular approach. And sometimes, your instinct is the only thing that works for you, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

Listening to oneself is the number one priority. Therefore, we must try and explore different possibilities, remain curious, make mistakes and correct ourselves, be open to change and adaptation.


The ability to adapt is a muscle that needs training. As human beings, 'adaptability' is our number one strength.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."


What is the approach at 
The Actor's Ark ?

The foundation of our approach is inspired by the work of Michael Chekhov, although it is constantly evolving.


"Movement" in its broadest sense (not just physical), is perhaps the term that best describes our approach.

The painter uses different tools (inanimate objects) such as brushes, canvas, and paint to create art. The writer uses a pen and paper (or a computer nowadays) to write. The musician uses their instrument to play music. The actor, on the other hand, uses their body to tell stories. The same body they use to live their everyday life.


For a moment, this body becomes an instrument with which they play notes written on a score. These notes are emotions, intentions, actions... a mixture of internal and external movements that open the door to an imaginary world where a story unfolds, composed of extraordinary places, characters, and situations.


It is not an easy task to play with an instrument that is none other than ourselves. We must collaborate with this living being that has so far only played one character, which is us, in a rather ordinary reality. Our human body is complex, untamable, unleashed, undisciplined, uninhibited, and unrestrained... We must play with what is there already. Gradually, we become aware of the unlimited potential for expression it holds, in order to free ourselves from our own story.

Our capacity for imagination is the key.

The actor tells stories to an audience, taking them into an imaginary world. The actor's movements are the only link between the audience's imagination and this imaginary world, so that is where we must begin.

The development of this sensitivity and the ability to let go requires an intensive training, enabling the body to be completely carried away into the realm of imagination and then... return to reality. Because, of course... who would pay the electricity bills?

That's why unraveling the mystery of the actor's art is so difficult, an endless task. Fortunately, many practical exercises assist us in this quest. Gradually, we train our bodies to be carried away by imagination. For example, take a moment to imagine touching a sticky substance. Try it and observe closely what happens. Who knows? It could be the starting point of a captivating story.

This is what we call learning the language of movement

within the realm of imagination.



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